The Katharsisdrill Wyzard’s tower

Welcome to the homepage of Katharsisdrill, a Scandinavian artist who create free and liberated artworks on the fringe of the internet.

This place have been made to provide easy access to the whole collection of artworks, and to add a shop so books, prints and other artifacts can be sold.

For a more thorough understanding of what Katharsisdrill is all about got to the about page. But for a fast introduction here’s a video:

A video made for the Phill from GCHQ Kickstarter! The fast and easy way to understand the Katharsisdrill project.


Dark Katharsisdrill

Latest blog entries

  • The Katharsisdrill website has been launched
    After much consideration I have decided to make a website for the Katharsisdrill project. The main reason is that the Phill from GCHQ album has been printed and I needed a place to sell it, the second reason is that I wanted the artworks to be more easily available – even when some of the […]