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Katharsisdrill at work.

The artists behind the Katharsisdrill mask is a mysterious person, situated in Scandinavia.

Coming from a background in fine arts he radically transformed his approach to dealing with the public when he in 2013 decided that he had had enough of the surveillance and regimentation of mainstream culture – an aversion that is more than visible in his comic, Phill from GCHQ.

Leaving Facebook, Google and all the rest of the scumbags behind, he instead turned toward community driven alternatives like Diaspora, Mastodon, Hubzilla and Hive where you can be anonymous, more or less uncensored and where nobody is systematically spying on you.

And to give something back to these communities he started a project in October 2014 with creative commons art under the pseudonym, Katharsisdrill.

The Art

Now, nine years after the first artwork of the project was posted on Diaspora, the whole thing has turned into some sort of real art project. It hasn’t changed the low and disreputable genres Katharsisdrill is dealing in: Comics, pulp fiction, illustration, pin-up painting, occult film and anachronistic music, but it seems now to have some underlying goals, the main one being: to examine if the internet can offer the free artist and his audience a place where they can exist without meddlers and middlemen, monopolies and institutions.

Evidence until now suggest that the technology and fancy licenses hasn’t changed a thing, and that the world is as hierarchical and kiss-arse as it always was.

Creative Commons, Open Source & Free Culture

Katharsisdrill manages his art after rather strict principles though.

  1. All artworks are licensed creative commons attribute.
  2. All artworks are made with open source software.
  3. All artworks are published only on decentralized social networks.

In short. Katharsisdrill is a Free Culture project.

So for the record…

All works on this website are licensed

If you are using the works please attribute:
– and if possible link to this page:

This mean that you can use all the artworks you find here for free, and you can also modify them and give them to others. Only thing you need to do in return is mentioning who originally made it.

As all the digital artworks are made with open source software, Katharsisdrill is in debt to the people behind these projects. The most important being:





But also many other: GNU/Linux, Manjaro Linux, Mageia Linux, Gimp, Natron, Audacity, LMMS, WordPress and many more.

Supporting the Project

When Katharsisdrill is not pathetically trying to influence the world with his art, he eats, sleeps in his Wyzard’s tower, buys ancient tomes for his library and has intellectual debates with elegant women, none of which is cheap.

If you want to support the free artistic labour of Katharsisdrill there are ways to do so:

The Katharsisdrill webshop sells comics, prints and other goods in fine quality.

Go to the Katharsisdrill Shop

The sympathetic Liberapay Project is a non-profit organization providing a platform to donate money to teams, organizations and individuals. The service does not charge a fee on donations aside from that required by its payment processors, instead financing its own activity through donations handled by the service itself.

Go to the Katharsisdrill Liberapay page



If you want to contact Katharsisdrill for any reason at all, please write:

katharsisdrill@nullkatharsisdrill.art(PGP key)

The webshop

If you have questions for the webshop, or… suggestions, complaints, critique or flattery, please write here:

shop@nullkatharsisdrill.art(PGP key)

Or get in contact here:

Humlebækgade 39, 4.sal
2200 København N


Social Media

It is also possible to find Katharsisdrill on the following social media profiles:

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