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The Katharsisdrill website has been launched

After much consideration I have decided to make a website for the Katharsisdrill project. The main reason is that the Phill from GCHQ album has been printed and I needed a place to sell it, the second reason is that I wanted the artworks to be more easily available – even when some of the networks, that I have used, have been down. Until now the project has only existed on several different decentralised platforms such as Diaspora, Mastodon, Hubzilla and Hive/Steem, so it sort of made sense to have one storage and download option that I controlled myself.

I will of course continue to post on as many platforms as I can manage, and this site will simply be where the high resolution files will be placed, and where you can buy books and prints to support my work.

The shop will feature whatever I can come up with, but for now it will be possible to buy the first Phill from GCHQ album and signed prints.

I hope you can cope with the glossy WordPress design. I have decided not to design a whole new CMS this time, but just roll with the mainstream.

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